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THP Homeschool Classic Extension

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Homeschooling or distance learning this year? Grab the Homeschool Classic Extension Pack to make virtual learning more organized! This extension pack has everything you need to help your students set goals, stay focused, and reach their potential this year. This product was developed for parents to track grades, attendance, projects, and important due dates for students. Great for pairing with a dated planner so you can keep tabs on your student's progress throughout the year. 
  • Add these pre-punched pages and dividers to a classic planner, or grab a set of discs and your favorite covers to build the best planner for you. 
  • This undated planner extension pack comes with:
    • Colorblock planner pages with callouts for important assignments, weekly focus list, activities log, action steps, project tracker, and more!
    • Monthly calendar pages with a spot to track deadlines, to-do's, and themes
    • Attendance logs, reading lists, and grade trackers for 3 students
    • Lesson plan pages with checklist boxes for important dates and deadlines
    • A page to track monthly goals, field trips, prep lists, and gathering learning resources 
    • Upcoming projects page a the end of the month to keep everything seriously organized!
  • Use the two sticker sheets with stars, checkmarks, field trip stickers, flag callout stickers, and month/date stickers
  • Need encouragement? There is a spot to add an inspirational quote every month!
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9.25"