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ElegantWriter Assorted Colors 12pcs

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Speedball Elegant Writer Pen Sets feature crisp, chisel nibs and free-flowing, acid-free ink. Available in a variety of colors and nib widths, these non-toxic marker and pen sets are great gifts for beginners and pros alike, and make it easy to create amazing calligraphy and lettering projects.

Key Features:

  • Crisp, chisel nibs in a variety of sizes
  • Non-toxic, free-flowing, acid free ink
  • Calligraphy & Special Occasion Pens Sets include instruction guide
  • Dual Tip Marker Set features 12 vibrant colors

Perfect For:

  • Calligraphers & lettering enthusiasts
  • Most paper surfaces
  • Crafters & DIYers
  • Invitations & greeting cards