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American Paint Company- Surface Prep/Brush Cleaner

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 An organic and 100% all natural multi-purpose cleaner. Highly consentrated and smells like citris.

Overview: Essential for cleaning the surface of your piece before painting, the organic cleaner is non-toxic yet powerful. When preparing to paint, you'll want to apply the Surface Prep to remove all the dirt and grease that has built up on your furniture. This will give the paint a cleaner surface to adhere to.

How To Use: Cleaner can either be directly applied to a damp sponge or 1 TBSP can be added to a small squirt bottle. Once the Brush and Surface Cleaner has been applied to your piece, use a damp rag to remove any remaining residue. Allow the piece to fully dry before applying paint. To clean your brushes, you may mix 1 TBSP of cleaner into a small bucket of warm water and either soak the brushes or massage the paint out of them in the bucket.