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American Paint Company Mica Powders

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Overview: Micas are all natural metallic powders designed to enhance your piece. Simply add the powder to your sealer and apply for a sparkly finish.

How To Use: To mix powders, add directly into American Paint Company's Wax or Top Coat as desired. The more you add, the more sparkle you will get; however, a great place to start would be a three to one ratio. Place three parts of Wax in a separate container then add one part Mica powder and mix thoroughly.

After you have your desired mica/wax mixture, apply wax directly onto your unfinished painted surface.

    1. Using a soft bristle wax brush, place a small amount of tinted wax onto brush.

    1. Press wax onto painted surface. Make sure that the wax is applied evenly. You'll want to press the tinted wax into the crevices and details of your piece.

  1. Allow wax to dry then buff with a cloth or rag