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Reverie Crafting

American Paint Co. Oval Paint Brush

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Vintiquities Paint Brushes: The easiest paint brushes to use with Clay/Chalk/Mineral paint, making your project more enjoyable with less effort and better results.

Overview: Vintiquities Finest Quality Brushes are Italian made with 70% bristle (pig hair) and 30% synthetic to hold the shape. This combonation of bristle/synthetic works perfectly with thicker paint such as Clay / Chalk / Mineral Base Paint and gives you the best coverage. If you struggle with leaving brush strokes on your furniture and want a more comfortable, easier brush to help you tackle your next project with ease, then this is the brush for you!

How To Use: Dip the tip of your brush into the paint and apply in long even brush strokes from one end of your piece to the other. To clean, use a brush cleaner and warm water. Message the bristle until the paint comes out and then wrap in a paper towel until dry to help retain their original shape.

Suggested Products: We recommend cleaning the bristles with our all natural and 100% organic 'Brush Cleaner'. If you are waxing your project, use our Round Waxing Brushes from Vintiquities. They are well constructed with the finest materials.